October 18, 2021

#129: Mitchel Lee: Even If

Have you ever wondered what it means to have an "Even if..." type of relationship with God? 

Can I worship even if I don't understand? 

Can I surrender even if I am in the fire? 

We answer these questions and so much more as I sit down with pastor, speaker, and author Mitchel Lee. Pastor Mitchel is a much needed voice in a very chaotic world. 

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Do you ever get tired of chasing after the elusive "happily ever after"? 

In this conversation with pastor, speaker, and author Phil Waldrep we talk about why this might be the perfect season for you to stop chasing happy. I think you are going to love his stories, reflection, and the all-important message of spiritual contentment. 

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Spirit and Truth 

Do you ever wonder about how one small act of kindness can change an entire person's perspective? In today's conversation, I get to sit down with writer, speaker,  and community manager Becky Keife. 

We explore the importance of kindness, community, and so much more! 

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September 27, 2021

#126: JL Gerhardt: Look to Love

Writer, Bible teacher, storyteller, and pilgrim - JL Gerhardt is giving us a heartfelt way to read our ancient text. 

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Mark is a teen expert, rancher, and a voice of wisdom we all need to hear. 

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Tony Hixon is an author, speaker, and financial advisor. In his latest writing, he shares his own pain, and how each of us can live into our retirement through intentionality. 

This interview is full of stories, wisdom, and a whole lot of heart. 

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Episode 12

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One of my dear friends, Jeff Cartwright, is on the podcast this week. Jeff and I talk about recovery, hearing from God, and doing urban ministry. 

If you don't love Jeff, I don't know if you are breathing! 

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Pastor Arthur Jones has a heart for helping people move closer to God and track their soul's trajectory. This is a fascinating idea that as we begin to consider our relationships, practices, and principles will have a profound impact on our daily actions. It's not just about where my soul is today, but where is my soul headed? 

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St. Andrew

This conversation is near and dear to my heart. We dive into the topic of psychological healing through spiritual means with everything in between. Combat veteran or not, you need to listen to this conversation! 

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Marian Jordan Ellis is a speaker, author, podcaster and voice we all need in this season. We talk about what it means to listen to God, to erase old tapes, and how to know if we are loved. 

This is an incredible conversation with a Spirit-led voice! 


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