In this episode, I get to sit down with Dr. Josh Straub. Josh and his wife Christi spearhead a movement about what it means to be Famous at Home. In our conversation, we talk about prayer, parenting, and finding our identity. 

Please excuse some of the audio issues, we had some recording difficulties. 


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Famous At Home Podcast

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Many of us believe that we must defeat our monsters. What if we were never made to defeat them, but instead we were meant to befriend them? In this episode of the podcast I sit down with pastor, author, and podcaster Luke Norsworthy as we discuss his new book; Befriending Your Monsters - the monster of comparison, more, and success. 

Listen to this podcast, pick up the book, and begin to live a monster-friendly life. 



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Banning Liebscher has a word for you in this season! During this episode, we talk about what it means to live into your calling and how to become alive when we are engaging the call of God on your life. 


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Jesus Culture

What if we are shortchanging our relationship with God?

I get to sit down with author, speaker, and hope-dealer Carlos Whittaker as we talk about what it means live into the relationship that comes with our wild and awesome God.

If you've ever had questions about how to get started with the Holy Spirit you need to listen to this conversation. 


Enter Wild (the book)

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You are allowed to eat the cookie. 

What does your relationship with food have to do with your relationship with Christ? How are your coping mechanisms? What are you doing to live a healthy life?


Eat The Cookie (the book)

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David Swanson is a pastor, speaker, author, and an important voice in racial reconciliation. In this honest conversation, we talk about what Christians (specifically white Christians) can do to bridge the gap currently happening in the church. 


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Rediscipling the White Church

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In this episode of the podcast I get to sit down with Chaplain (Colonel) Charles Causey. We talk about servant leadership, listening to God, and being obedient! I know you are going to love this conversation, and please connect with Charles.


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Unbreakable: Forging a Marriage of Contentment and Delight

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In this episode of the podcast, I have the privilege of sitting down with the host of She Walks in Truth podcast host Carrie Robina. In addition to hosting a podcast, Carrie is a business owner, and mentor to women all over the globe. She dives in deep on what it means to find your voice, and how to tie it into a Christ-centered mission. 

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She Walks in Truth

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In this episode, I get to sit down with podcaster, IT guru, and ministry leader Will Howell. Will shares his story of moving across the country, changing careers, and keeping faith through it all. 


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Thoughtful Moments Podcast


Happy Mother's Day! We are celebrating Mother's day by sitting down with podcasters, story-tellers, and moms; Katie and Natalie. They share their own journey of motherhood, where they wrestle with their identity and so much more. Also - dads - you need to listen to this! It is a great insight into the mind of moms. So helpful. 


A Mom's Life Podcast




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